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  • Jessica Yuen

FIRST BLOG! Exploring the Pentatonic at the London UK Music and Drama Education Expo February 2023

Finally, got help to organize and post my first research blog post!

Just a quick one as my first research blog, sharing some exciting news this Spring!

I was presenting my topic: exploring the pentatonic at the London UK Music and drama education expo February 2023. The feedback was tremendous! Even ABRSM was interested at my work and reached out for collaboration in the future!

The line up to speak to me after my talk was long….. 😃

Many teachers was interested with my research work: Women in Classical and Oriental Music

Stay tune, more concerts and lecture presentation coming!

(I’m so busy and almost had to put aside my regular PhD research a bit to handle all these events!)

I’ll share more of my PhD research material soon!

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